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Poor signal..Help please


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Jun 30, 2015
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Ive just gone from a Galaxy Note 3 to what I had hoped would be a good move....It still might be, if you good people can give me a bit of advice.
I'm on Three, mainly due to my unlimited data package.
But there is a draw back. Crap signal strength. Both Voice and data irrespective of being in or out side.

For example, right now, 1 blob. Hoping it would improve by going to my mates house a bit closer to Gloucester i was disappointed.
From what I understand, im not alone.
Question..Is there a fix for this. eg stick on aerial, a booster (naughty) box that people have had success with.

Any help / guidance would be appreciated.
I'm in the UK and also on Three, I don't have any issues myself.
You could try a Hard reset, This won't change anything, Hold down your on/off button and Home button together until the apple appears then let go and your phone will reboot.

If that doesn't help try resetting your network settings, Settings - Reset - Reset Network Settings.

I've moved your third post to the thread you started about your problem, as it is related to it. Please don't start a new thread about this topic. It's fragmenting the discussion, making it hard to follow, and also against our rules.