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Poop-Tastic Pigeon Squadron Lands in the App Store


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Jun 18, 2010
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It's not often that you get a game where the instructions read "tilt to fly and tap to poop", but this is the world of Pigeon Squadron, where poop is king. Forget those angry birds, they only hurled themselves at the laughing piggies, this time its the pigeons who are really mad, and they're going after the humans down below with their lethal weapon! The members of Pigeon Squadron are taking to the skies and waging a military campaign of global proportions. To ensure ultimate victory against the human race, the vengeance-crazed birds have brought their homemade "weapons of mass revulsion" to the battle, otherwise known as pigeon poop!

In the game, the pigeons attack various cities around the world and attempt to create chaos by bombing pedestrians, pets and vehicles, all while trying to dodge objects thrown at them and complete missions assigned by their squadron leader. There are a total of 45 missions to complete, and four elite, paramilitary pilot pigeons to choose from. Each location introduces unique targets to hit and new ways to collect power-ups, earn awards and score bonus points to unlock new characters and cities.

Wanna-be poop warriers should download Pigeon Squad today from the App Store for just £0.59/$0.99.

Source: I-Play