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Pinterest Announces that it will Soon Introduce a "Buy" Button to its Mobile Apps


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Nov 27, 2012
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Pinterest has announced that it's soon going to launch its long awaited “buy” button, thus making its entry into the world of e-commerce. - Chao Wang, the Engineering Manager at Pinterest, made the announcement confirmed on the official blog of the company, saying the following:

"In a few weeks, we’ll be introducing buyable Pins—just another way to bring the creative ideas you find on Pinterest to life. If you’re in the U.S., you’ll see buyable Pins on your iPhone or iPad in a few weeks. If you’re on Android or using your desktop, you’ll see them in future releases. "

Thus, users of the app will be able to buy products inside the application itself, without ever leaving Pinterest. The items which are available for purchase will have a blue “buy it” button next to the red “pin it” button. Purchasers will have at their disposal Apple Pay or a credit card.

Pinterest said that millions of products will be available from its initial brand partners, which include Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, with more to come in the near future. What's curious is that Pinterest said it isn’t going to take a cut from customers or merchants.

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Sep 24, 2012
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Regina, Canada
Does this mean Apple will take a cut of every sale made? That's why Audible and Kindle don't have the ability to make purchases in the app, they don't want to give Apple 30% of every sale.

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