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Pimp your screen with more than 60 themes in "Lock Screen™"!!!


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Nov 15, 2011
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Today, Lock Screen™ utility has just been released in AppStore!!
★ SALE 50% OFF - SALE FOR VERY LIMITED TIME ★ $1.99 -> $0.99
Finally you can choose different and many other themes for your iPhone!

★ Lock Screens ★

- Two kinds of Fingerprint Scan
- Voice Recognition
- Android-like "connect-the-dots" security
- Pattern Recognition 1 (3x3: 3 kinds, Same pattern as Android)
- Pattern Recognition 2 (4x4)
- Alpha-Numeric Password Protection
- Door Lock-Dial Lock, and more!

★ Bonus Features ★

- 45 types of locking screen and icon frame.
- 60 kinds of wallpaper!
- Continuous update of the frame and lock screen with new images!
- Supports from iPhone 4S to all other models, full support for high resolution.
- Auto-preview feature: as soon as you select each content, preview of the image is shown to maximize convenience
- Ability to edit the images!
- To save: You can save your favorite images to recall anytime
- No internet connection required

To Set Your iPhone:

1. Choose a theme from the menus, take a photo, or choose from your photo library as the background.
2. Toggle the selected mode and set as screen wallpaper.
3. Save the combined theme to your library.

** Disclaimer - This app is a lock screen generator not a real iPhone security system. The app helps you create a specialized lock screen wallpapers that gives the illusion of built-in security. User should treat this as a prank and is meant only to give the perception of security against the meddlesome scumpling. Please read the description carefully before purchasing this app. **
AppStore Link: Lock Screen™ for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store



Thanks! :)

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