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Phone not syncing properly


Jul 3, 2012
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My wife's iPhone 4 gets stuck when syncing at the finishing point of the sync, (usually 5 of 6). I can eject it on her iMac and unplug it and the little syncing indicator still goes round & round on the phone. Even if I set it to Airport setting and then turn it back on, it still goes round & round. The only way to stop this action is to turn it off. When it comes back on, it's fine until we try to sync it again. We are running 7.1.2 on her phone and her iTunes app on the iMac is up to date. Any ideas on how to fix this other than turning it off each time?

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I had an app that caused this with my phone once. Are you automatically syncing when you hook up to iTunes? If so, I would recommend you go to "devices" under preferences adn check the option to not sync automatically. then I would not sync everything at once....for instance, just sync music and see if it happens. If it syncs ok, then try photos...etc. If it is the app sync process, it might be hard to figure it out, but look for apps that are updating.
Yes I do automatically sync when iTunes starts, but at this point I willing to try something new.

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If you check the option to not sync automatically, so that you do it manually, it lets you have more control. You can sync one part of your phone, or all, or none.
Well it appears to get stuck on music, so I had it not sync the music and now I am re-syncing to put music back on it. There are about 2000 songs, so it will take a few hours. Stay tuned.....

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Ok, after about 4 hours all music was transferred back to the iPhone and it completed the sync. I hope that's the end of these issues. I also learned how to stop the iMac from opening iPhoto whenever I sync the phone.

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