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parsec.digital Releases Make Your Wish App for Free


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Dec 17, 2010
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Parsec.digital, Brazilian mobile solution developer, is releasing Make Your Wish, a Twitter-integrated application for iPhone and iPad.

São Paulo, Brazil, December 17, 2010 – Developer behind products for iOS platform, like Apuracao2010 and iJuros, parsec.digital now brings Make Your Wish to the Apple App Store. The product provides iPhone and iPad users a fun, simple way to publish wishes to the online crowd.

The application features an easy-to-use interface in a cartoon-like, casual layout. It gathers wishes from users all around the world, displaying them in clouds that cross smoothly through the app’s sunny blue sky. The wishes posted at the application also go directly to Twitter, along with the #myWISH hashtag. Users can also retweet someone else’s wish by tapping written clouds.

Besides being a fun way to post wishes on the web, Make Your Wish is a tool for spreading good feelings and making the world a fairer, more sustainable place to live in. “Our objective was to build a simple tool where people could express their wishes and vibrations to make a better, fairer world”, says Pedro Anisio, CEO at parsec.digital.

In the upper left corner of the app there is a wish counter already running. Users can follow the app’s Twitter profile by tapping on the colored birds that show up every now and then at the screen.

There is also a website that allows non-iOS internet users to join the action, enlarging the reach of the wishes and strengthening the voices that claim for a better, happier planet.

About parsec.digital
Parsec.digital is a mobile solution provider focused on the development of applications for iOS and Android, with headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil. Turning the client’s needs into new mobile experiences, the company believes mobility opens up opportunities for new products and services to interact with users in ways never before imagined.

Marcela Ulian, Director of Public Relations
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