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Outlook Calender Not Syncing


Sep 19, 2010
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For an unknown reason my outlook calender does not sync with my iphone 4 thru iTunes anymore! The outlook contacts has no problem and i can see changes vise versa when i do.Please bail me out.
I experienced this fault some time ago and just changed the sync settings in itunes to say I didn't want to sync contacts notes or calendar with the phone, then synced the phone (effectively removing anything that had been previously synced).

I then disconnected the phone, reconnected it again, went back to itunes and ticked the sync options I was looking for and synced again. This sorted it out.

Ultimately, however I wanted two-way syncing with outlook over the air (i.e. without relying on itunes) so updates to my calendar made while I was out and about were in my outlook calendar (almost) immediately. I solved this by installing Google Calendar sync on my computer and pointing it at a google account, then setting up the iphone to sync with this same google calendar. Works a treat and is completely free

hope this helps
I had a problem, where i bought a new laptop and never opened the Outlook. if the outlook has never been opened it will not sync