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OtterBox Series Out For iPhone 4.


Jul 12, 2010
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OtterBox Defender Series

Today, July 20th OtterBox release there famous case, the Defender series. currently you can only buy the cases in black, the defender series will run you $49.95. The defender case is a great case for protection, i am going to get the defender, sure it hides the beauty of the iPhone 4, but it protects it against bump, shock, drop and dust intrusion. BUT the case is NOT protective against water.

iPhone 4 Defender Series Case Features-

  • Three layers of protection
  • Complete interaction of the device's functions
  • Ratcheting belt clip holster included
iPhone 4 Commuter Series Features-

  • Access to all buttons and features
  • Silicone plugs provide coverage for ports
  • Includes a self-adhering protective film
iPhone 4 Impact Series Features-

  • Inner coring for added protection
  • Self-adhering clear protective film included
  • Access to all buttons and features

You can buy this cases in iPhone 4 Forums Shop, or at OtterBoxs website iPhone 4 Cases // OtterBox.com

The Other Series are NOT OUT Yet.
They will be soon, prices are-
the Commuter will run you $34.95, and the Impact will run you $19.95

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I don't use these just because of the added bulk.... But most of the guys at work have them and... No broken phones yet!
I had the case for my 3G but the holster was very bad. it fell out several times a day. Don't get me wrong it is a great case but i gave mine up because of that problem.
this is a good video i found on youtube of the Iphone4 otterbox defender case. Looks like a good case but kinda bulky. Check it out and see what you think.