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Options for iPhone in Japan and related questions


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Oct 27, 2010
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Hello, thank you for reading!

I'll go to Japan for about a year and I want to use an iPhone there with constant online access for maps and such.

1. Should I buy one there, rent one there or buy an unlocked one and rent a card there? As far as I know the contracts with SoftBank are 24 months minimum but can be cancelled.

2. Is it true that a Japanese locked iPhone is automatically working unlocked outside of Japan, similar to the iPad, as speculated here:
tinyurl com/29kehkj [insert dot, formatting due to anti-spam restrictions]

In this case, I would keep it and sell it when coming back to Europe.

3. Is the online access available outside of the metropolises?

Thank you very much for your advise! I hope this was the correct place to ask.
i would buy one unlocked so that when you leave you can still use the phone