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Office Outlook 2010 not updating to my ihone 5s


Jan 27, 2012
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When I add a contact or edit one in Outlook, it saves on my pc but it is not syncing to my iphone. It used to work just fine. What am I to try? Thanks
Did you set up the account as exchange account, or using the Outlook feature on your iPhone?
Thanks for the reply, J.A.....I think I just used the Outlook feature...I am not real smart on this phone, but in settings, I have icloud turned off...is this why it doesn't work?
If you add them in Outlook, you just need to enable Contacts in the account settings in Mails, Contacts, Calendars - the Outlook account.

Also, make sure Outlook is check marked in Contacts - Groups.

There are a few other options as well to sync your contacts with your iPhone. Using iCloud to sync them would be another possibility, but if you set up the account in Mails, Contacts, Calendars, it's not necessary to sync them through iCloud.
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You could also try refreshing your contacts, maybe they just need some time to appear. To do this, open the Contacts app, tap Groups at the top left. You come to the page where Outlook should be check marked. Drag down the page and let go. The spinning wheel will show that the app is updating/refreshing:

Look at your contacts list afterwards.
Thanks for the help...I am kinda confused although your responses are done very well. I use gmail as my email client and I also have a hotmail email. When I open my hotmail on my pc, the page shows outlook.com, but I don't have a outlook account listed in groups on my phone. I clicked on add account and it wants a user name and password. I don't want outlook to be my main pop 3. Does that make sense?
I suppose you didn't set up the account on your iPhone, but are syncing it through iCloud, or using iTunes.

Enable iCloud, and see if your contacts are syncing again.
They still do not sync....also when I add or edit a contact in Outlook, it takes forever for it to save the change and even longer when I close the program...
Which accounts are set up on your iPhone? You can see that in Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Account (top of the page):
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Thanks again for the help...I have : icloud, gmail
Thanks again for the help...I have : icloud, gmail
Do you receive Outlook emails on your device, and if so: which account shows them?

Here's the reason why I'm asking this question:
If you didn't set up Outlook on your iPhone, you're using another email client to sync it. I'm trying to find out which one it is.
I get email on gmail but my contacts in Outlook I guess updates and syncs with Itunes
I hook it up to my pc and it syncs all apps. It used to update any contacts change automatically without being hooked to my pc within a minute but I don't know how it did it
I followed the procedures show to troubleshoot. It suggested that I turn off contacts in Icloud and then turn it back on. When I tried to open icloud.exe, I got this: "icloud entry point not found. procedure entry point_objc_init_ image could not be located in the dynamic link library objc.dll"