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NUMB3RS Crime-Solving Puzzle Game Based on TV Show Out Now for $0.99


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Jun 18, 2010
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Fans of the Emmy-nominated TV series NUMB3RS can now get even more immersed in the crime-solving action with Chillingo’s new game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, in which they get to take on the role of an FBI consultant tasked to bring down a sinister criminal network in Los Angeles.
Developed by indie game developer Apocalypse Train, the NUMB3RS game is a winning combination of action and logic, as players face an array of mathematical puzzles and mini-games. Popular characters from the show, including Charlie and Don Eppes, Amita Ramanujan and Larry Fleinhardt all interact with you, the player, as you attempt to solve one of the agency’s biggest cases.

The game is characterised by its math-based puzzles, where the player gets to use equations as a weapon. If you manage to solve the math puzzles quickly enough, before reaching the “Error Zone”, you’ll be able to locate certain criminal characters that are vital to your investigation.
Aside from the math puzzles, you also get to partake in a variety of mini-game missions, including car chases, bomb diffusion and interrogating suspects.
As ever with Chillingo games, NUMB3RS also comes with its integrated social gaming platform, Crytal, which enables players to compare scores and rankings via online leaderboards and achievements.

NUMB3R crunchers can get the game here for $0.99/£0.59:

Source: Chillingo