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Note Maker App for iPhone 4


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Dec 10, 2015
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I need a Simple Note Maker app that I can use on my iPhone 4, iPad and Mac Mini. It needs t be able to create simple notes and sync across the devices. I have not been able to find one - any suggestions?

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I use Evernote for the longest ...it's easy to use and sync with my phones and Mac

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Thanks for the idea but I've tried Evernote and it will not download to my iphone4 :(
Evernote requires iOS 8.1 and later, while the latest software for the iPhone 4 is 7.1.2.

That's the reason why it doesn't install on your device, macappleman.

To get it to your iPhone, try the following:
On your iPhone, enable Automatic Downloads for Apps in Settings - iTunes & App Store.
Then download the app in iTunes on your computer. That done, open the App Store on your iPhone. If it works as desired, the app should download to your iPhone, with the one that works with your iOS.

Hope that helps.
I keep forgetting some phones are not on latest ...good info ..I was going to suggest the download from computer [emoji106][emoji106]

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I have Evernote on my iPad 1, but that's because I'd previously downloaded it and was able to download the latest compatible version. Basically, what I've got on my iPad 1 is the iOS 5 version of Evernote.
Have you ever downloaded Evernote in the past? If not, then you can't get the older version for your iPhone 4.

For example, I just downloaded Evernote to my iPod Touch third generation which is on iOS 5.1.1. I saw this pop up and tapped the download button and the app was successfully downloaded.
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Well, if all else fails, the native notes app seems to sync across devices when set to do so.
Thanks, everyone.

I followed JA's advice but the app would not install. I also tried to add it to my phone manually by selecting it in iTunes and then syncing but I got a message to say that the app was not added to my phone because it needs a later version of iOS. So, no go!

The Notes app that is preinstalled on iOS devices will not sync, either. This is also because of the software version.

Would anyone know of a a simple Note Maker app that I can use on my iPhone 4, iPad and Mac Mini. It needs to be able to create simple notes and sync across the devices?
I am wondering if anything will work if even the native notes app won't sync. I think the syncing issue is the problem you need to address.