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New to iPhones contacts don't stay on phone


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Sep 21, 2014
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hi I've had android since the beggining but after buying an iPad and seeing how good Apple is I just brought a new iPhone 6. I managed to use an app that takes my gmail contacts and syncs them on iphone fine but I keep going back later and all contacts are gone? I've done it several times.
Things that maybe worth mentioning ... I've got 1 Apple i.d for my apps and stuff as my wife and ipad use this so suits but made another for my iCloud account so all my messages didn't keep going to other devices and vice versa. Also I think by turning off the slider in contacts in iCloud setting so far contacts have stayed on? Not sure if that is the problem or if I should be doing that?

Sorry if I sound a bit confusing but like I say I'm new to iPhones and it's certainly different!

Cheers dale.