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New Study Says Siri can be Dangerously Distracting to Drivers


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Nov 27, 2012
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This isn't quite a surprise, but a new study coming from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says that hands- and eyes-free infotainment and smartphone control systems can be dangerously distracting to drivers. Apple's Siri in iOS 7 is among the 'winners' of the study, being given a 'high distraction' rating.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety's president and CEO Peter Kissinger said the following:

"Technologies used in the car that rely on voice communications may have unintended consequences that adversely affect road safety. The level of distraction and the impact on safety can vary tremendously based on the task or the system the driver is using."

Driving alone accounts for low distraction rates, while using hands-free voice commands for increasingly complex tasks makes for higher distraction rates. So, next time you're talking to Siri while driving, make sure this is a safe thing to do.

Source: AAA Foundation