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New Pocket God Update Song Video Released!


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Jun 18, 2010
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You gotta love the folks at Bolt Creative and all the Pocket God sillyness they get up to! While other companies just get on with releasing the updates to their popular games, Bolt Creative makes, literally, a song and dance about it! The latest Pocket God video, "The Pocket God Update Song", written and performed by Jonathan Mann (he of the iPhone 4 antenna song), pays homage to the massive number of requests from fans for the next Pocket God update, which is still nowhere to be seen.

However, along with the video, Bolt Creative has also released some fresh snippets of information about the forthcoming update number 34, Monkey See Monkey Chew, which sticks to the theme of the Ape trilogy, and adds monkeys to the island mix, arming them with an arsenal of bananas to chuck at the hapless islanders. Monkeys can also toss Pygmies around like beach balls and throw them over cliffs. A new skin called Dance Pack Too will also be available to download for $0.99, enabling Pygmies to learn how to break dance, perform the Running Man, or even try out some sweet ballet moves.

You can download Pocket God here for $0.99/£0.59.