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New Pictures of Supposed Apple A8 Chip Leak


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Jun 18, 2010
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Phone Arena reports today that it looks as though the first pictures of the A8

system chip for the iPhone 6 (and, most likely, the next generation of iPads) have leaked on the Internet.

The pictures were posted on the French website Nowhereelse.fr, and show the A8 processor next to the older A5 processor, revealing just how much bigger the new chip is.

As Phone Arena notes, the A5 was already one of Apple’s biggest chips, with the subsequent A6 and A7 chips being smaller.

The fact that the A8 is so much bigger could mean that Apple has replaced the previous dual-core chip with a quad-core chip, which would be very exciting!

As PhoneArena also notes, Apple has been making its own custom processors since the iPhone 5’s Cyclone processor, which was then followed by the iPhone 5s’s Swift processor, which was also 64-bit compatible, so we await with interest to find out what Apple has done with the A8!

Source: Phone Arena