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New Motorola Ad Ridicules the iPhone's Lack of Flash


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Jun 18, 2010
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Motorola has taken another massive swing at Apple via a full page DROID 2 advert in the New York Times. Mobile Crunch reports today that the ad's heading - "Flash Websites? There's A Phone For That" - is an obvious dig at the iPhone's lack of Flash. As Mobile Crunch points out, this is actually the third advert that Motorola has run attacking Apple, with two previous full page adverts for the DROID X making fun of the iPhone 4's antenna woes.

While these ads are really just a bit of a laugh (an expensive laugh for Motorola though), it's possible that Motorola may have hit a nerve with iPhone users who get frustrated by the lack of Flash on their handset, and it can certainly be a bit annoying when you click on a video link only to find that you can't view the video because it uses Flash. However, does that momentary feeling of frustration make you want to replace your iPhone with a Motorola DROID, or does it merely make you wish more websites would use HTML5?

Source: Mobile Crunch

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