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New member and new Iphone 4


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Nov 17, 2010
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Im trying to decide if Im going to jailbreak my new Iphone. I do not know much about the good and bad things that could happen with it. Was hoping to come here and find up if I should of not?
Google is your friend! There are many pros & cons... But for a new iPhoner I would say use it for a week or two & if there is something extra you need then jailbreak.

As Danny said give it a week or two. Do some research about what you can do with a jailbreak and decide if its really for you...
I alwayshear aboutjailbreaking, but what "really" do I get? More games? Cool wallpaper?
I figure just like my computer... (and my brain!),
We only use a very small percent of what it is capable of (already)... So why? Now if there are some apps outthere that wouldlet me get unlimited net, or something cool like that I would!
Bottom line, jailbreaking gets you control of your iPhone. Sure you can change wallpapers now with iOS4, but jailbreaking can get you a complete theme. Plus there are apps both paid and free that let you do things Apple would never dream of letting you do, like more app icons on a page, adding more icons to your dock. More icons in a folder. The list goes on and on. Like DannyBoy said, "Google is your friend!" Go check it out, you might be surprised.