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New iPod touch Rumoured

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Jun 18, 2010
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Electric Pig is reporting today that they’ve heard strong rumours that a new iPod touch will hit stores in September. Their source for the story is the retailer John Lewis, which revealed the details at its Xmas in July showcase in London. According to the John Lewis presentation, the new iPod touch will have a 5MP camera with flash, and just like the iPhone 4 camera it will also be able to record video. YouTube uploading is also said to be included, as is FaceTime, with calls over Wi-Fi, which indicates that there will also be a front-facing camera on the iPod touch. Other iPhone 4 features that John Lewis said will be included in the new iPod touch are the accelerometer and gyroscope, which makes a lot of sense as many people buy the touch specifically as a gaming machine. Electric Pig points out that none of these details have been officially confirmed by Apple at this stage, while adding that John Lewis is a very credible source.

Source: Electric Pig
If the new iPod Touch is close to anything like the iPhone 4, then Apple has a winner on their hands. The question is what will it cost? If Apple can keep the cost down, I can see the iPod touch dominating for many more years.
I'm so excited for the new touch. Hopefully, they'll retain some of the elements from the iphone 4 such as glass, flat back and external antenna for the wifi. Retina display is given at this point.
i think apple focus too much in the thinness of the product. i would certainly sacrifice this for a gps chip, digital compass and an 8gb camera. i would also like the design to evolve into a stainless steel model like that of the iphone 4.
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