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New IPhone user needs advice on important functionality: AirPlay and photo sync.


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Jun 19, 2014
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With a couple of new Iphones (4s and 5s) both running IOS 7, I have 2 issues:

1. AirPlay
Whenever we use our cars, the IPhone will connect to the car bluetooth and route all sounds to the car stereo. However, if you are haven't chosen the IPhone (i.e. listening to the radio), it means that you won't hear incomming sms messages, alerts and such. Very annoying. If I swipe up on the home screen I'm able to chose "IPhone" under AirPlay. Then it works like it should - sounds are comming from the IPhone while telephone calls are going to the car stereo for handsfree access.

But the next time the phone connects to the car, it is back to the car in AirPlay. This sucks - can't I get it to remember to keep sending sounds to my IPhone?

2. Photo sync.
I know of iCloud but I don't want to use it as backup media and it also misses a setting only to backup to iCloud during wifi AND charging. And having to connect my phone to a computer every day to have daily backup is too much work. I want to backup to my own server which will then take care of the real backup afterwards. Ideally, what I need is an app/utility that can detect: 1. My home wifi, and 2. Charging. Or just the first I can live with. And then - connect to a network share to sync photos. This is a no-brainer and easily setup on my old Android phones. But I can't seem to find anything related for IOS. Can that be?

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