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Photo Syncing!


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Nov 28, 2011
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This is probably a ridiculous question, but I can't seem to find any way to automatically backup my photos and videos from my iPhone to my mac. Ideally, like my music library, when I get back to my home wifi network i'd like all the new photos and videos to sync up and appear in iPhoto (actually, i'd be prepared to change photo programs if it means there's an auto-sync solution). I can't seem to find anything about this online, which makes me think I must be missing something...I can see in iTunes there's a 'photos' tab for syncing, but it only seems to be to sync from Mac -> phone? Also not sure that iCloud is the solution as i'm not using Lion, plus I often take pretty long videos which on the 4S are obviously now quite chunky! Any help gladly received! :)

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