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New Drone Footage Gives Birds-Eye View of Apple Campus 2


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Jun 18, 2010
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Apple Campus 2 June drone footage.JPG

With Apple Campus 2 nearing its completion date at the end of this year, MacRumors reports on some excellent new drone footage, filmed by drone pilot Duncan Sinfield, which gives a great idea of just how far construction is progressing.

During the past month more huge glass windows have been added to the main donut-shaped building, which have taken quite some effort to fit into place due to their great size. Now window shades and solar panels are being fitted, and that’s all apparent from the drone footage.

The auditorium and parking garages are almost finished, with the solar panels now being fitted on the roofs of the garages. The fitness center and Tantau research buildings are also looking further on towards completion.

And while the fantastic drone footage is clearly the best way to see how construction is progressing, Apple watchers with their feet on the ground who happen to be walking past the campus can also now get a much better view, with Apple having recently taken down the green privacy fence that protected the entire campus development from prying eyes. There’s still a fence, but it’s much shorter, giving pedestrians a good look at the construction from ground level.

Construction should be finished by the end of this year, with employees expected to begin working at Campus 2 in early 2017.

Source: Apple Campus 2 Drone Video Shows Progress on Main Building With New Solar Panels, Windows