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Need some help with itunes and iphone 4 in general


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Dec 2, 2010
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Hi everyone!!! i am new to this forum and i am looking for some help and advice. I have had my new iphone 4 for a few weeks now and i am still trying to work out how to send a picture as a text. Cant seem to do it properly and they dont send.. Next i have an itunes account and both my husband and I are using it but when he syncs his phone he gets all my contacts and vice versa. The itunes account is in my name and i went on the apple site and it said i should create a new library so i could choose between the 2 and when i did this i lost all my previous stuff completely!! I know you cant have 2 itunes account on the same computer but now everytime we sync the phones we are losing contacts!!
I really would appreciate any advice you could give to me. been on apple site a few times trying to correct itunes but no joy. Dont want to lose everything again.



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Nov 3, 2010
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Scotland, UK
For picture messages you just need to press the little camara icon when sending a text then choose an existing photo or create a new one. I think you need a data signal for them to send.

It's easy to use several different iPhones, iPods etc. on the same iTunes account. I myself have an iPhone 4 and an iPod touch. When you plug each one in be sure to give them different names to iTunes knows they are different devices. Then you can check/uncheck each box for each thing you want to sync (apps, music, videos etc.) When you plug in a different device you can check/uncheck different boxes and iTunes will save your prefernces. I don't know how it works for contacts as I use windows address book to save mines via iTunes. I can either sync contacts or I can't. I can't pick and choose which ones I want to sync. When you first plugged in your second phone you should of choose set up as new phone...?

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