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Need help switching back to Starhub from Straight Talk


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Jul 16, 2014
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I just got back to Singapore from a visit to the U.S. I bought a Straight Talk plan and swapped out the SIM card and everything worked great. I got back home and tried to put my Starhub SIM card back in, but my phone says "no service." The phone has been restarted 3 or 4 times. There is no cellular data showing up in my settings as well. I even changed the network selection to Starhub manually, but no luck. I have work calls I need to make tomorrow. Any thoughts?


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Hi J.A. and thank you for your response. I've restarted my phone multiple times, but to no avail. I am running 8.3. I checked the SIM card for visible damage and didn't see anything visible. It looks like I'll be headed in for tech support tomorrow.
Is it possible your Starhub SIM card was accidentally damaged? Maybe the SIM card is no longer active for some reason. I have an old iPhone with an inactive SIM card and it shows the no service at the top left instead of the carrier name.
I'm going to test the SIM in an old phone tomorrow to see if that's the issue. I'll keep ya posted.
I had a somewhat similar problem switching from PureTalk to AT&T GoPhone.
PureTalk put a program on my iPhone plus which prevented my AT&T Internet connection. Only when I deleted the program was I able to connect via AT&T to the Internet. It still shows PureTalk when I dial 611 to get to my account even though AT&T answers but that's just a nuisance which doesn't interfere with anything.

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Is there a Straight Talk profile installed in Settings - General - Profile? If there is, delete it. Your Starhub SIM should work again afterwards.
Hi all, sorry for the delay. I ended up having to get a new SIM card from StarHub. The old one did not work in the other device I tested. Odd that it had any damage because I turned the phone off before removing the Straight Talk SIM card and the StarHub card was placed in an envelope in a plastic bag in my laptop bag. No idea what could have happened to it. Regardless, fixed after losing an hour of my life to the StarHub service department. Thank you for all of your help!