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need an alarm clock app with "skip next occurrance" option


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Sep 24, 2011
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So, iPhones are supposed to have every app that you can think of but I can not find one alarm clock app with an option for "skip next occurrance." Actually I take that back. I did find one. It's called "Easy Alarms" by Rogue Sheep. But I don't like it. Because all it is is an alarm that I set. There isn't the nice alarm clock interface that I can look at my nightstand at night to see what time it is. It also only goes off by playing a sheep sound for about 5 seconds, it plays really quiet, and doesn't repeat, and I'll never hear that to wake up.

I work a wierd schedule where Mondays and Thursdays I wake up 30 minutes later than Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays. I'm using an alarm program that I can set times for different days. But sometimes I get a call that I don't have to be to work for an hour later. Right now I have to modify the alarm for the day that I'm going to wake up next and set it for the hour later. I then have to set a calendar appointment to remember to change my alarm clock back to the normal time or the next time it's scheduled to go off, I'll be late.

When I had a blackberry, my alarm clock app had an option to skip the next occurrance so I could skip tomorrow's alarm and put it for the one exception time and then the alarm would automatically go back to the regular time the next scheduled alarm time.

It seems like such an obvious feature, but I can't find any alarm clock apps that have it for the iPhone. I just searched Google and found many for Blackberry and Android. None for iPhone. I've noticed every iPhone alarm app looks almost identical. I don't know if the framework that Apple gives the developers is so restrictive that they all just have to make it the same way and can't add options such as what I'm looking for?