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My iPhone video YouTube channel...


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Jun 17, 2010
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Pennsylvania, USA
Since I finally found a way to upload HD videos directly to YouTube from the iPhone 4, I created a YouTube channel strictly for videos I record and edit on the iPhone.

Check it out and subscribe if you want to see all the latest videos I upload.

Nice but none look like hd lol do you still have your clear plastic film on the back.
I made this one and uploaded on yt through
Pixelpipe any difference in quality ?

pixelpipe. will have to try it out.. nice videos also. not a fan of those american cars though but its good video nice and clear... lol what did that guy come out and say?
He was just watching me do the burnout. I had 2 new tires delivered that day and wanted to "use" the rest of the rubber on the existing tires LOL. It was a pretty lame burnout but all I could hear was rocks smackin the rear quarters so I stopped.
hi, i have my iphone 4 case video on youtube =) i'll post the link once i got 3 or greater posts! i'm new here guys!
get so much to share for the iphone accessories, they just make the phone looks so unique!