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My iPhone refuses to wake up.. :(


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Mar 23, 2014
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Hey, I have got an iPhone 5 and latlely it began crashing and laggin (see this). Now, after he lost his battery and turned himself off (my percent was constant) he tries to turn on, bringing the Apple signe but crashing few seconds later.
It doesn't do a thing when I plug it to a computer and only does the above while plugged into the wall with a particular cable.
I tried long home+power pressing, tried home+power+plus pressing and nothing changes.
It is jailbroken.

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So.. he woke up. I restored it but it still crashes.
Try another USB port on the computer. Try another computer after that.

Is the iPhone itself new? Old? Maybe it needs a new battery. How was the battery life before this issue?
It was farely normal.. it's about a year+ old. I might try to replace the battery and see how it goes.
It only crashes when It loses it's battery then takes some tries till I get it to be stable again.
The problme is that I don't have a battery indicator..
settings, general, usage, battery percentage on