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My iPhone 4 Shipped!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Finally!! Current location is Hong Kong, estimated arrival in Atlanta 7/15.
Whoohoo! When did you order yours? I am still waiting on mine I ordered on the 25 june.
Mine is also still in Hong Kong but expected July 14. I ordered June 16. :retina:
Thanks... I am waiting on my iphone and ipad.. and I am driving my self crazy :)
I ordered my IPhone 4 June 13th for a July 14 delivery. I have been notified that it shipped from SHENZEN China and is in Newark, NJ and due to be delivered here in Virginia July 13th.
Mine also shipped from Shenzen, China on the 6th, went thru Alaska, and landed in Oakland, Ca last night. This morning it was out on the truck for delivery to San Francisco, and i finally rece'd it around 5:42 pm. It was originally scheduled for delivery on the 13th. You might just get yours earlier!
Whoohoo mine shipped lastnight :) I am due to get it the 15th!
Did everyone here ship it to their house???!!!?!?!!
That's a 3 week wait opposed to shipping i to the store for a 7-10 day wait
The only real differences from shipping to your house rather than to the store is the wait time, activation process and the fact that the box is still sealed or not...
Personally, I prefer getting my things quicker I could care less if they opened the box for me or not.
I had it shipped to my house, to have it sent to an att store I would have had to driven 45 mins in 100 degree weather no a/c and 3 small kids. To ship it to my apple store it was 1hr 15 mins. I rather wait then have 3 small kids and one that is potty training and the heat.
That's a great point, I didnt realize that you'd have the problem of location, because where I live theres an ATT store/dealer literally around every corner.