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My Home Automation System and the iPhone


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Jan 31, 2016
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I have a modest home automation system set up using mostly Insteon devices. I mainly use the Indigo software running on an older MacBook. I also have an Insteon Controller Hub which I got on sale and fiddle with once in a while. My needs require some not-too-complicated manipulation of variables which the Indigo system handles better than anything else I've found. The Insteon Hub doesn't do variables at all, but it is easier (and less expensive since I already own it) to set it up for remote access to my security cameras than with the Indigo app. The only advantage the Insteon Hub has is that it can be controlled by voice command to a limited extent by both the Amazon Echo and theoretically by Apple's Homekit.

All this is controlled from my iPhone 6. Indigo has an app that allows control of individual devices, control 'Actions', which are essentially macros, display a log of actions, and display custom graphic displays of various things. These can be checked and controlled either when on WiFi at home, or by cell-phone data connection when away from home.

In essence, I have things that happen depending on whether it's daylight or dark, motion is detected in various places, and whether or not I'm home or away from home (defined by a geofenced area).

I also have a feature that will notify nearby relatives by email if no motion is detected in certain parts of the house over a specified time. I'm an older retired person and live alone.

I'd highly recommend the Indigo system for serious HA use. There's very little that it can't do, albiet sometimes requiring a plugin. For the budget user, the Insteon Hub will do fine for controlling lights, giving alarms from motion detectors, water sensor, etc.
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