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Music Video Shot Entirely on iPhone 4 HD


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Jun 18, 2010
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Both Pocket-lint and Macworld have reported this week on what is claimed to be the first ever music video shot entirely on the iPhone 4. The artist is Canadian musician Steve Failows, who records under the name Flakjakt, and the song is Cacades. The video was shot entirely using the iPhone 4’s built-in HD video recorder in just 1.3 days. It took 2 days to edit, using Final Cut Pro, meaning that it wasn’t an entirely iPhone 4 produced project, but it’s still pretty impressive all the same.

As Pocket-lint points out, even if the video wasn’t edited on the iPhone 4, the quality of the final product shows that the iPhone 4 can produce some truly impressive visuals. You also have to hand it to Steve and video director Marty Martin for having the brainwave of using the iPhone 4 in the first place, and then going on to publicise the fact, as it’s earned the video over 100, 000 views on You Tube in just one week, and who knows, maybe it will even earn them a recording contract if enough people like the music.

Source: Macworld, Pocket-lint
the Quality is amazing on the camera, they did good to use iphone 4 , probably saved them a tone of cash also lol

Wow, I'm impressed!
very impressed at the quality of the recording.. now how do you make the zoom bar show?