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More Than Half of Future Smartphone Buyers Want an iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports today on a new survey from ChangeWave Research that finds that 54 percent of respondents who are planning to buy a smartphone say that they want an iPhone. Although this figure is down from the 65 percent who said that they intended to buy an iPhone immediately after the launch of the iPhone 4S, it still shows that Apple has maintained the momentum gained by the launch of the iPhone 4S, which is unprecedented, according to ChangeWave, who said that Apple had “never dominated smartphone planned buying to this extent more than two months after a major new release.” The survey also looked at customer satisfaction, and revealed that it had climbed to 75 percent in December from 70 percent in September.

Four thousand North Americans were polled for the survey in December, which also had good news for Samsung, whose purchase intent rose from 5 percent in the survey conducted in September to 13 percent in the current survey.

Source: AppleInsider | 54% of future smartphone buyers say they'll choose Apple's iPhone

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