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Microsoft Launches Tossup iOS App for Event Planning and Opinion-gathering Purposes


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Nov 27, 2012
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Tossup is a brand new app from the Microsoft Garage project which is designed to 'make event planning and opinion-gathering a cinch'. Microsoft says you can use Tossup when you need the following:
  • A quick yes or no count
  • To find and pick a restaurant
  • To agree on when to meet
  • Your friend’s opinion
Athima Chansanchai from Microsoft said the following:

"Those who’ve tried to organize an outing with friends or family know agreeing on plans can be a challenge. But now there’s a new app – Tossup – that lets everyone make decisions easily while on the go. Tossup is now available to download on iPhone and Android phones in the U.S. and Canada."

Jennifer Shen, the principal program manager lead whose team built the Tossup app, also added the following:

"Tossup removes the friction around planning. It’s really about connecting with people, removing barriers that cause plans to fall through. Our aim is for you to spend more time hanging out with friends rather than coordinating schedules.

Tossup is available now on the App Store, so go ahead and follow the link at the end to download it. Also, check out a video below with a demo of the app.

Source: iTunes

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