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Mic not working unless in hands free

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May 30, 2012
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Hi guys, hoping you can help...

My misses iphone 4 has got a bit of a problem and i'm hoping you guys can tell me it's a simple fix :D

she received a phone call on Sunday morning and who she was talking to said that she sounded crackly.

The next phonecall on the iphone, who she was talking to could not hear her at all, but when she switched the phone to speaker phone, they could hear her fine.

the phone works fine if a headset is used or is in hands free mode, just not normally

If she holds down the home button for voice controls, that works fine as well, its only when in a call and phone to ear.

I've just done a reset on the phone (via itunes), (after backing up to icloud), which has not fixed the problem

I have tried a hands free call and putting my finger over the little hole at top next to the headphone jack to confirm it is not blocked and that is responding as expected.

Any ideas please guys

Thanks in advance :D
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