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Aug 20, 2014
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Have a concern more than a problem.. My memory is showing 1gb available and I have deleted all apps with exception of a few . However, I don't know why my memory is so low. (Screenshots) I am jailbroken yet it shouldn't take up that much space. I have deleted all tweaks and sources with exception of certain mods to minecraft, which do not take any space. Is there a way to find the memory hogger? I am completely baffled by this. Any information will be helpful.. Any further information necessary to assist me can be accomadated.
iPhone 4s
iOS 7.1.1


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This also happened to my sons iPhone (5s). He deleted all of his text messages ( some from as far back as January) and it freed up some of his Gigs after a system reset.
Do you have music on the phone? Or - did you have music on the phone before you jail broke it with PanGu and now don't? I ask because my music "disappeared" into iTunes "Other" after my first attempt at jail breaking the phone using Pangu. I had to restore, remove the music (even though it wasn't there, I synced/re-synced with iTunes a couple of times) and then tried again. The "Other" space then went to more manageable levels.

If it's not music, try downloading the [free] tweak iCleaner and running it. See if that cleans up some of the memory.

I did have music but I deleted before jailbreak. I'll check to be sure.. And I'll re-install iCleaner.
So of the 3.7 GB in OTHER this process of restore(settings-not full restore) in iTunes and re-running iCleaner freed up an additional 2.5 GB. Thanks Marilyn, that helped a lot!

Spencerdl I had deleted all my threads and have continued to do do for the past two weeks inn order to maintain some memory.. This is actually the first time I deleted all the apps to even get the gig I had! Thanks buddy! Those message treads can get out of control and eat up a lot of memory!!