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LostWinds Available for Free at Starbucks


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Jun 18, 2010
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Pocket Gamer writes today that Frontier Developments has teamed up with Starbucks and Apple to offer its very popular iOS game, LostWinds, as a free download at Starbucks coffee shops in the US, Canada and the UK. Basically all you have to do is get along to your local Starbucks this week and grab yourself a Pick of the Week card, containing a free download code so that you can download the game from iTunes. Frontier has also recently announced an update for the game, so that it now runs at full resolution on the new iPad. Gameplay sees you attempting to guide and protect Toku, the young boy who is the sole hope for the enchanting world of Mistralis, which has been cursed by the evil Balasar. Generally speaking, this is quite a bargain, as LostWinds usually costs $3.99/£2.49 to download. It’s also a good way to prepare yourself for the imminent release of the sequel to LostWinds, namely LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias.

Source: Get LostWinds for free as Starbucks' pick of the week | LostWinds news | Multiformat | Pocket Gamer
LostWinds for iPad, iPhone and Nintendo Wii
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