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Lost apple ID


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Sep 18, 2022
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I've been using this ID for years. Last week it disappears, literally disappears. When I try to log into the system, it tells me that my password is incorrect, so I go to reset, where the system then tells me, that the Apple ID is not valid or is not supported. So what happened? I get on the horn with Apple support and they tell me it doesn't show up in the system. Okay, why doesn't it? In my case, I can go to the apple site and create another ID using the same email address, but I can't get the old ID off my devices. I have been working with an apple senior advisor for more than a week and still, the problem persists.
Today I worked with another senior advisor, he had me restore my iPad. now it is locked to my old apple ID, all my data is lost and the device is locked and I cannot unlock it.