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    Hello all ! :)

    I work in an office building where my actual office is in the basement. One floor above me is the gym. The gym offers free wifi. However, inside of my office, I cannot get the signal on my iPhone. I take 2 steps out of my office door into the common area and I pick up the signal clear as a bell.

    I'm looking for suggestions that would help me to get that wifi signal into my office. Since its an open network, this is not stealing or anything like that. My employer provides it, for folks that use the gym for free. It is not password protected either.

    I have looked at things like universal network extenders but they require you to pair them to the wireless router which I dont have access to.

    Do you know if there is a way or means for me to accomplish this ? I really would like to connect because with my office being in the basement, I barely get any cellular signal which means I cannot access my email, facebook, instagram etc....

    I was hoping I could buy a device that would simply grab the signal and resend it, or something like that.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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