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LinkedIn App Gets iOS 4-Optimised Update


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Jun 18, 2010
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Social networking site LinkedIn has issued an update for its iPhone app, which is now optimised for the iPhone 4’s Retina display, with the addition of lots of new icons and images. LinkedIn has also made several changes to how profile updates from your connections are displayed in the app, in order to make it easier for you to find the most significant changes. By clicking on “Updates” or “Profiles”, you’ll now get more information about changes, and the changes in “Profile Updates” are now highlighted so you can tell at a glance if anything has been altered. You can also tap on a connection’s name to go to the top of their profile. Other connection changes that you’ll now be notified about include adding a Twitter account, changing an address or phone number, or adding a birthday.

LinkedIn’s popular “In Common” feature has also had a bit of a revamp. You can now tell at a glance how many people you have in common from a person’s main profile screen. A new single view has also been created so that you can quickly view a person’s entire connections list from their profile.

LinkedIn promises many more updates in the future, with lots of new things on the horizon for October and November from its iPhone team. You can download the free app here.

Source: LinkedIn Blog