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Jailbreakme.com still working??????


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Sep 10, 2010
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i want to do a full restore and rejailbreak my phone to iron out a few bugs i am having with winterboard...mainly,themes icons stopped working.i get the backgrounds and sounds,but i can never get the icons anymore.it was working just fine with most of them,but now,just default icons.

i have found one icon pack that works..black theme(icons)or something
thats all it is,icons.
it works for me,but the problem is something i would like to fix

to the original question....is jailbreakme.com still going to work/still up????
that would suck to wipe it all clean and not be able to rejailbreak it

this will also give me the chance to see how well PkgeBackup works...if it saves all the tweeks and stuff from cydia for an easy way to get my device back to working order after the next jailbreaak 4.1
it took me almost this whole first month getting the phone right like i want it.now i have all the features that i expect from my past nokia phones and with the sweet juicy hotness that is, the iphone 4
What version do you have? If its 4.0.1+ and up, then you cant jailbreak using jailbreakme.com
I had the same trouble, all I did was activate Summer Board, inside Winterboard, the icons were good after that
If I'm not mistaken anyone with ios 4.0.2+ needs to wait for the GreenPois0n jailbreak. That includes me as I have ios 4.1
If I'm not mistaken anyone with ios 4.0.2+ needs to wait for the GreenPois0n jailbreak. That includes me as I have ios 4.1

yeah basically, but i dont see why you would want to stay on 4.0.2 if you can just update to 4.1 and gain game center, and proximity fixes and some other tweaks
I didn't have a choice, when i got my phone last week, It had ios 4.1 already installed. I have no problem waiting for greenpois0n. Good things come with time and patiences.
sorry dude i didnt mean like personally you, just saying, i dont want you to think i was putting you on the spot
No worries bud, I knew you meant in general and not me personally. Its all good :)
My question is similar :: I have jailbreak with v 4.01 but since a week or so, Cydia is bloacked (only the first tab appear after a lonng time (no seacrh, no sources, nothing)

could I go to Jailbreakme.com et re-jailbreak keeping all my apps (I did a backup before sync)

Many Thnaks Henri
well everyone with the old firmware, wait till sunday and see if the new jailbreak 4.1 really does come out at 10AM, so it shouldnt be too much longer