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Issues with Contacts


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Oct 5, 2011
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Here is an issue that I am having with my wifes iPhone 4. We both just got iPhones for the first time and I got a 4s and she got a 4. I set my phone up first and then I set her phone up and used my iTunes account for her phone so we can both share the music on my computer. When I set her phone up, I dumped her contacts from Verizon into her phone and then set up the iCloud on her phone. The problem is that when I choose "all contacts" in her contacts list, it has all of her contacts as well as all of my contacts in her contacts list. I even tried setting up her own iTunes account and setting up the iCloud on her own account and it still has all of my contacts and hers together. I am pretty new to this whole iPhone thing so I am trying to figure this out. I guess I should add that on my phone it is just my contacts and not hers and mine together. Thanks for any help anyone can give.

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