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Is possible to lock by mistake a factory unlocked iPhone?


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Nov 2, 2010
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Maybe the title is a little confusing but here is the question again:

I live outside canada but I want to buy a factory unlocked iPhone 4 in Apple Store Canda. My question is: Since I'm not in Canada there is any way to lock the iPhone by mistake when I connect it to the iTunes and my IP address is not in Canada?

Thank you.
no when a phone is factory unlocked it works world wide no problems. but i have heard of this problem where a phone mistakenly takes a locked code and itunes thinks its locked and apple have had to re unlock it... you should really get in touch with apple
Wow never heard of anything like that. That is the point of having fact unlocked phone. strange.
yeah ive only heard once of it. i dunno if it turned out the iphone was really locked in the first place but its something that only apple can help him with...

but the guy said it was factory unlocked and when he spoke to apple they told him how it locked up by mistake...