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iphone wont charge past 4 HELP!!!


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Aug 2, 2011
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dannyboy69 said:
ok so my apple charger crapped out on my because of the dog.. anywho I got a new charger plug in the phone, it charges until 4 and then stops if I shut it off it charges for a minute or to and then turns on automatically but... still at 4% so I got fed up an left it plugged in I don't know how long maybe 4 hours woke up this morning it was off my sister had takin my charger so I thought it was dead again. plugged it in and it was at 87% but... still didn't charge any help?

figured in here may get more responses I've try'd that holding the home an lock button for 15 seconds too
All that just to tell us your phone isn't charging anymore? LOL! Are you using an OEM charger and on house current as apposed to computer USB?
I've try'd rebooting the phone it goes to the slide to power off screen than goes black. I release the buttons and it goes to the red line and lightning bolt for charging then turns on in about a minute.. still no charging. am I doing this right?
You're trying to do a hard reset? Hold the power button and the home button down at the same time. Disregard the power off slider and wait for the apple logo. Then release both buttons. But, really, try an OEM charger.
mods I apologize just trying to solve me issue and realized I posted in the wrong area please delete old thread and leave this one and I'll try a hard reboot that way
I try'd the hard reset as you described, I held it past the swipe bar the screen went black I continued to hold it for about 30 seconds all the came up was the red charge bar. never got an apple symbol until it started a minute later..