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iphone txt app


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Aug 24, 2010
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I am really keen i buying a iPhone. I am disabled and have limited use of my fingers i can fully use a ipod touch just so you have a idea of my hand function.

I currently have a Sony Erickson. I txt allot from my computer trough my phone with Sony pc suite its like a mini Microsoft outlook i also txt from my phone in my hand to.

But the only thing that stops me buying one is there is no app like the pc suite for like my current phone. I can txt from a iPhone but i am extremely slow i could send 5 in that time from my phone and 10 form my computer.

Is there away i can txt from my computer trough a iphone?

you can use apps like dragon app with voice recognition. there might be something like that for the iphone also that some one here knows of. pc suite is very annoying imo lol, but your used to it
Dragon dictation app all the way, then you just have to talk and it will do it for you!