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iphone stuck on black screen with apple logo


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Aug 12, 2015
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New Hampshire
I have a 6s plus which was on 9.0.2. My computer is a Mac Pro running 10.11 with iTunes 12.3.1

3 days ago I jailbroke my phone. Cydia appeared to be running fine but I adid not do any tweaks. I wanted get the phone jailbroken before 9.1 came out.

Last nigh t I left my phone plugged into a charging doc connected to my computer. WHen I woke up a half hour ago. I noticed the phone's screen was stuck in a black screen with white apple logo.

I did the reset where you hold the power button and home button for 10 seconds until the screen goes blank. I held the butoons till the apple logo reappeared. Then I let go of the buttons.

The phone continues to be stuck on that screen for the last 20 minutes. Occasionally, the apple logo disppears for a second or so and then returns.

What should I do? TIA.
I think I will leave it on 9.1 and forget about jailbreaking till a break is made for 9.1. Many of the tweaks I am insterested in do not work with iOS 9 yet anyway.
In that case, reset your iPhone after updating it - press and hold Home and Power button until the Apple logo appears, then release both and let your device power up on it's own.

It might help with a few glitches you'd experience otherwise.

Hope that helps.
I am all set on stock 9.1 without problems and will wait for a jb to 9.1 to appear.