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iphone 'smoothness' of operation


Nov 13, 2013
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Hey Question,

I have an ipad 2, in general it works great, but it has some quirks,
many times on websites it studders and scrolls glitchy,
Longpressing for 'opening in a new tab', takes a few tries
Youtube sometimes sticks and messes up
Sometimes emails seem laggy when replying or typing,

Is that coming from my ipad itself since it's an older device or is that normal for all ios devices? What I'm wondering is, if I get an iphone on my next upgrade, will it have these little frustrations or do the newer phones work faster and smoother since they have more ram and processing power?
IPad 2 is getting a little long in the tooth now, I have an iPad Air and its lightening fast with none of the problems you mention , I'm sure you won't have these issues with a new device.