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Iphone looses 3G signal


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Nov 10, 2010
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Hey guys!
I have an Iphone 4G with firmware 4.1.
I've been having issues with the phone since I bought it.
I am aware the phone has some problems with the antenna and that it looses signal quickly when not held the right way.
I bought a very good cover that seems to take care of the problem, well sometimes...
At some point the phone works ok and then the signal goes suddenly from full bars to 1 bar only and the carrier name dissapears from the top of the screen. After that, the phone goes into Searching and ultimately No service.
I try to set it in Airplane mode in and out and doesn't seem to help. What I found out is that when I turn the phone off and back on the phone seems to start working again.
I have days that it doesn't happen at all, others, 3 times on the same day so I'm thinking it might be an issue with the 3G of the carrier? Can this happen? Sometimes after restarting the phone the signal doesn't come back until I restart it like 3 times.
Do any of you have had this problem?
I have a regular SIM card that I trimmed for the iPhone and I am using it outside of the US.
Any help is appreaciated!

Thanks much in advance,

It could be the sim card as it not the correct one.

When you say you use it outside the us, is it factory unlocked or through ultrasnow?

A fresh restore would be a good place to start and unlock again using ultrasnow. A similar thing happened to me on my 3G. Restore solved it.
The phone is unlocked using ultrasn0w.
I've tried to restore it multiple times, it always has the same issue.
At first I thought it was the flaw with the antenna but it might be the 3G network or the sim card I am using.
I will try to change it tomorrow to see if it fixes my problems.
What else can I do to fix it?

Thanks much,

Contatct you carrier and ask them if the know about any issues. I would try it with out the jailbreak. If that doesn't work try a correct sim. Then try both together. If that still doesn't work contact apple.

In my experience withthe anntenna issue. It only really causes a problem when I've only got 1 or 2 bars. When I've got a full signal I only ever loose 1 or to bars so if that's all I've got then that's when I get the searching... It's very rare I get NO SERVICE. Even then it's only for a few seconds.

I've got the 16gb iPhone jailbroken, not unlocked.