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iPhone 6 US Carrier Individual Plans Quick Comparison


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here's a handy breakdown of the best individual/single-line iPhone 6 plans you can get with each of the 4 major US carriers. They are listed in no particular order.

Sprint has three options - All of Sprint's plans include Unlimited Talk, Text and Data
  • $2,120 over a standard two-year contract which is $85 per month and a $199 + $16 Tax startup fee
  • $1,850 for the Easy Pay which is $77.09 per month and $52 up front fees and taxes
  • $1,680 for the “iPhone for Life” deal, which is $70 per month (this is $50 for the monthly plan and $20 per month to lease the phone).
Verizon has two options - Verizon's plans include Talk and Text, but your data is capped at 2GB and you are charged extra for overages.
  • $1,640 on a Single Line Smartphone 2GB Data contract which is $60 per month with a $15/1 GB overage charge - if you want more data options you need to move to one of their More Everything plans which are far more complicated, but would save heavy data users money.
  • $1,850 with Edge pricing - the details are the same except you get to upgrade your phone more often and pay an additional $10 per month for that option.
AT&T has one main option - AT&T's plans include Unlimited Talk and Text and 2GB of Data and you are charged extra for overages - see the FAQ below for details
  • $2,120 for their Mobile Share plan which is $65 per month and to get their off-contract Next pricing will add up to $2,210. - Things just get more complicated from here, especially with the Next program, so here is a direct link to AT&T's FAQ on the subject: AT&T FAQ
T-Moble has one main option (with three variations) - T-Mobile's plans include Unlimited Talk, Text and Data, although your 4G LTE speeds will be slowed down after you hit your 1GB cap - T-Mo has no overage fees - their plans do not include the device, and that must be purchased separately in monthly installments
  • $1,730 is the total for their base 1GB plan which is $50 per month - the 3GB plan is $60 per month - the 5GB plan is $70 per month - their Unlimited 4G LTE data is $80 per month
Overall, it looks like AT&T's plans are the most complicated and the most expensive. T-Mobile's are surprisingly more complicated than you would expect, and are in the middle of the pack on price. Sprint and Verizon offer the easiest and cheapest options.

Of course, network coverage in your particular area of the country is something you need to consider before choosing one of these companies. Verizon has the best coverage, but all of the others are getting much better.
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