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iphone 6 plus group messaging

Pete Lehmann

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Oct 10, 2014
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Hello group, I have been an android user since I have had a smart phone. I just purchased an Iphone6 and have been trying send group messages without the interaction. In previous system I could form a group (limit of 10 contacts ) sent a group message, receive a response from each person in group without it being seen by everyone in group. I could also save this group. Example, a beauty salon, 10 stylists in salon, all could send me order, I could respond to each, no one else involved. If anyone knows app that I could use i am frustrated.
thanks you greatly.
I'd like to know how you did it with Android, because I never could. Anytime anyone responded to my group message from my Android phone, it would respond to all.
sorry about large type, was mu first post. in replay on how to send messages in android :

go to people
then menu
+ add a group
Name group
+add members to group

To send message to named group,pick group
Menu,choose group message
formulate message and send

there is no interaction between members of the group from sending

hope this helps