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iPhone 6 concept: gorgeous Edge-to-Edge Retina display design


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Nov 27, 2012
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Ever imaged an iPhone with an edge-to-edge display? I have and I was thrilled to find out that somebody actually managed to conceptualize the idea. Mister Jonny Plaid has come up with a spectacular design for an iPhone which he has called the iPhone 6.

And there’s more to this smartphone than just its awesome look. Apparently, it is made of aluminum-carbon, a compound that packs more strength than just simple aluminum but looks like it, overall. Plaid’s iPhone 6 concept features a Retina 2 edge-to-edge display, being borderless. We can also find a sensitive home b​​utton and a Lightning II port connector (Lightning+MagSafe). According to the designer, it will pack a lot under the hood as well, with two 2.8GHz quad-core A7 processors and 4GB of RAM. Other goodies will include an 8-megapixel front facing camera, a 20.2-megapixel rear camera. Water resistance is also added to this miraculous iPhone. Well, those are just 2020 specs, anyway.

Another special aspect of the iPhone 6 concept is that it is covered in graphene which makes it impossible to smash, if, God forbid, customers would drop it on a hard surface. And let’s admit it, it happens all too often. The detailing of the concept

“It would take an elephant balanced on a pencil, to break through a sheet of graphene the thickness of Saran Wrap.”

Due to the component from which it is assembled, this iPhone would end up being 40% lighter and 60% stronger than the current version. Plaid believes that if Apple would switch to using these two materials, the production process would very much benefit from it, cutting the time to deliver products faster.

All in all, the concept looks amazing and who knows, maybe Apple might want to take it up. With a bit of luck, we might even end up seeing it on the market in the coming years.

Source: KnowYourMobile
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