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iPhone 5 getting a bit tired now. Upgrade suggestions?


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Jan 11, 2015
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Hello, my name is Dan, from West Yorkshire in the UK and this is my first post :)

Iv had my iPhone 5 right from its release date, and it has been the best iphone iv had so far in terms of use, battery life and reliability. Iv never had any issues with it up until now, but its knocking on a bit and im thinking maybe its time to upgrade?

The problems im having with my iPhone 5 are not major, but simply
  • Im on the GiffGaff (o2) network, and because of the 5's restricted LTE frequency I cannot take advantage of the 4G network unless I switch to the EE network, which I don't want to do
  • Bluetooth has become unstable, its connection regulary drops during phone calls on my Parrot car hands free, and when streaming music on my bluetooth enabled hifi at home. Iv done a few checks on other bluetooth devices so I know it is my 5's bluetooth hardware causing the issue.
  • Im getting 'Call Failure' quite often now
Its still running on ios7, iv heard too many complaints from iphone 5 users upgrading to ios8. The phone is in spotless condition without a single mark anywhere, so im hoping if I sell it I might still get a reasonable price for it.


My next phone will be paid for in full rather than a contract, and I would like it to be brand new from apple. But which ever phone I get I will probably need to save up for and sell my 5 to make up for the rest.

I would like to hear peoples opinions on the 5c? Is it much different from my 5 in terms of performance, is it stable on ios8 and are they just as reliable?

Or is it worth me saving up more and waiting a bit longer to get a 5s or 6?

I dont play games or anything fancy like that. I purely use my device for checking emails, using siri on the car handsfree for reading and replying to messages, spotify, whatsapp and taking the odd photo. Thats it really, I tend to do most things on my iPad because its easier with the big screen.

Thanks guys for helping me out ;)

Hi Dan, Welcome to the forum.
My opinion would be to pass on 5c, If you're going to upgrade i would recommend you go for iPhone 5s or even better 6, Both those phones will be great on iOS 8 and with 6 you have the bigger screen of course.
You should get a decent price for your 5, I see you are in the UK, Go to Game if you have one near you, I always sell my unwanted devices there, they will beat any price from internet sites ect .
Hope that helps.
Welcome to the forum, Dan.

In addition to Poisonivy's excellent advice, the iPhone 5C is now available with only 8GB of storage, not enough with today's larger apps or for anybody who stores audio and video content on their phone.
Aren't the innards of a 5c basically the same as a 5? At least that was my impression, but I haven't looked at the full specs. I'd def go for the 6 if you can, but nothing less than the 5s.

On a side note have you tried doing a hard reset? Sometimes that fixes little bugs that hang up your phone. Hold down the on/off switch and the home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. Then release both buttons and wait for the phone to reboot.

I upgraded my husbands 5s to iOS8 and have had no issues whatsoever.